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Access Fix Toolbox allows repairing Microsoft Access documents that were damaged for any reason
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19 November 2013

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Corrupted Access databases could be opened with this tool.

This tool helps open corrupt Access database files and recover the corrupted data. This will work with all the versions of Access databases files. This tool is able to handle all file size, version, hardware in use and operating system. Users can simply download the program and fix Access files by following the wizard. There are no settings to be handled. The program comes with a range of algorithms that recognize the pattern of the problem and recover data based on that. In the analysis phase the program identifies the problems and collects recovered data. The user needs to approve if the data is to be saved. The saved data goes into a completely new file so that the original file is not touched and the whole process is non-destructive. The wizard will take you through the steps in correct sequence.

This wizard makes the process really simple, besides the simple interface that you get to operate. Even the most inexperienced user would be able to get desired results from the tool. The trial version is free but you need to donate a small amount to get unrestricted use of the program over its lifetime. Hardware wise too, the program has no limitations and will work with all hardware that let the Windows work without restrictions. You start by specifying the file path. You could view data and make sure you have the right file. You then are required to pick a name for the new file into which the database is to be saved. As the data is being recovered you are shown the recovered elements and you can make up your mind if you want to save them. This is a good tool and would be useful if you handle a lot of Access database files.

Publisher's description

Try to recover Microsoft Access files with the service of Access database fix, powered by Access Fix Toolbox. This application does not have compatibility issues, its size is very small therefore you may quickly restore corrupted files of specified format without any difficulties. Do not worry about your computer skills anymore, this application is so easy to use that there is no need to read instructions and user guides, you may simply follow the guidelines of database recovery program. This tool analyzes and repairs corrupted documents automatically, all parameters of data recovery engine are set by the developers of Access Fix Toolbox and there is no need to modify these values. Please look at the size of Access Fix Toolbox and its system requirements as well, as you see there are no compatibility problems therefore you may apply this database recovery solution under all hardware platforms supporting Microsoft Windows. It does not matter if your PC is relatively old, it does not affect the efficiency of Access Fix Toolbox, this application provides the same results on all computers. Please move to the first stage, install Access Fix Toolbox and click its shortcut to continue. Now you may proceed to the analysis of database files and use the open file button to select a database of Microsoft Access format to be processed. It is safe because Access Fix Toolbox does not modify Microsoft Access files during the analysis of corrupted documents and opens corrupted databases from any PC in the network, if necessary. As for the rest, the processing of selected database is fully automated, just check the path before starting the analysis and click the Next button when ready. As soon as it is completed, Access Fix Toolbox automatically moves to the next stage and provides a brief data recovery report. If everything goes fine you may now export the data into a clean file of Microsoft Access format, it can be done after the registration of Access Fix Toolbox only.
Access Fix Toolbox
Access Fix Toolbox
Version 2.0.3
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